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Winter Wish Holiday Gift Drive

October through December, 2022

Help make winter wishes come true this holiday season.

Too often older children and teens are overlooked during the holiday season. Join us in our annual Winter Wish gift drive at RFK Community Alliance to ensure that every child in our care receives at least one gift for the winter holidays.

Ways to get involved:

  • Host a gift card or cash donation drive

  • Enlist your company, co-workers, or family/friends to adopt one of our programs and provide a program project (examples include outfitting a sensory room or contributing to an indoor recreation room)

  • Purchase a gift card valued at $25

Gift Card Ideas:





TJ Maxx

Game Stop

Residential Recreation Room Gift Ideas:

Ping Pong Table

Air Hockey Table

Karaoke Machine

Inflatable Chairs

PlayStation 5

Virtual Reality System

Video Games

Mini trampoline

Yoga mats

Stationary Bike

*Please contact us for more information on the ideas above.

Donations should be received no later than December 7th.

We would love to hear from you:

Dana Jussaume

Manager of Events and Community Engagement

Phone: 773-870-9783


EY-Parthenon has supported Winter Wish for over six years and we can’t thank them enough! Here are a few words from one of their Associates, Colleen, about the experience:

“We love participating in the Winter Wish Drive every year as it brings the whole office together through light competition and philanthropy. This year, we had 74% of the office participate in the Winter Wish Drive! The 115 individual donations ranged from $10 to $1000. We organize the drive as a competition among the various parts of the office. Our office is broken into seven clusters of desks and offices, each of which is racing against each other to be the first to reach 100% participation for their section. The winner, announced at our office holiday party, receives bragging rights as well as a holiday-themed “bar cart” with holiday drinks and desserts. It really is a great way to get the whole EY-Parthenon Boston office involved in something that brings people together and gets folks in the holiday spirit. The drive is also typically run by younger, newer members of the firm and has helped us connect with everyone from our peers all the way up to the founder through a fun, philanthropic mission.”