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COASA (Children Of Alcoholism And Substance Abuse)

Helping Children Heal and Thrive

Children who experience a loved one’s alcohol and/or substance use disorder often suffer from a wide variety of challenges, including low self-esteem, problems with relationships, and a higher likelihood of developing an alcohol or substance use disorder themselves. COASA, located in South Boston, MA, is a unique resource for these children in Boston and nearby communities.

COASA programming operates year-round and offers supportive educational groups, as well as individual and family counseling. Camp COASA is a one-week day camp held annually in the summer. All COASA programming provides opportunities for children to learn about their unique needs and work toward the healing and thriving that is essential for them to live rich, full lives of their own, break their isolation, and learn to differentiate between the person they love and the illness that person has.

A Hidden Epidemic

One out of every four children in Massachusetts is directly impacted by alcohol and/or substance use disorder in their family. The impact of this on their lives is profound and puts them at greater risk for a variety of health issues according to the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Study.

As the Massachusetts affiliate of the National Association for Children of Addiction (NACoA), COASA utilizes the ACE Study and NACoA materials in ongoing groups in schools, community centers, parishes, and other venues. The outcome of the supportive education provided is empowerment for the children served, an outcome that includes dissipating shame, addressing attachment disorders, and improving social and mental health. In addition to Camp COASA and its monthly follow-up sessions, COASA holds an annual Children of Addictions week celebration through the Boston Mayor's Office to shine a spotlight on this issue, offers support and direction during the holidays, and provides crisis management and groups for parents and other caregivers.

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